Advanced Electrophoresis Solutions Ltd. (AES) is located in Canada’s Technology Triangle. It is dedicated to providing the life science industry the most reliable, highest performance, and highest throughput whole column imaging detection capillary electrophoresis system for protein separation, quantification, and characterization.

Our Vision

  • To be a company that best understands
  • and satisfies the capillary electrophoresis
  • (CE) product and service needs of the
  • life science industry.

Core Values

  • High Standards
  • Innovation
  • Passion
  • Simplicity

Our Mission

  • To provide effective, high
  • throughput and quantitative total
  • solutions for protein characterization
  • and analysis.

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High throughput, quantitative and efficient tools are desperately needed for protein separation and characterization. AES wants to bring a total solution to our customers. Put simply, we take the worry out of the method development process so you can concentrate on your vision.

Full Service

As an innovative state of the art CE system provider, we value providing solutions more than simply selling products. We are working with our collaborators and researchers like you to find solutions to the challenges of fast evolving protein characterization and proteomics. New applications with our advanced CIEF system include protein interaction studies, Taylor dispersion molecular size measurement, and high resolution CIEF fractionation.


Therapeutic proteins have revolutionized the treatment of cancers as well as many chronic diseases. It is important to control the purity, identity, integrity, and activity of these therapeutic proteins from cell line selection, cell culture controls, to downstream purification, formulation, product characterization, and lot release. Our solutions allow you to streamline your protein assays for purity, identity, integrity, and activity at all these stages.

Method Development

Developing and validating a new CIEF method for biologics and biosimilars can be time consuming. We have already developed methods for many different therapeutic recombinant proteins and peptides, monoclonal antibodies, antibody drug conjugates, as well as specific carrier ampholytes to suit these diverse biomolecules. We can help you with our extensive expertise to speed up your product development and create added value for you.