High sensitivity, High resolution, Robust icIEF

Analy system HR
  • The method can be adapted straightforwardly
    from any existing icIEF or cIEF method.
  • High throughput icIEF protein separation with consistently high resolution instrument to instrument.
  • Large ID separation column with high sensitivity, and less clogging.
  • Methylcellulose is no longer required by using our cartridges with a stable hydrophilic coating which allows for more compatibility with the mass spectrometer.

CEInfinite WCID cIEF

Tech 1

Imaged capillary isoelectric focusing (icIEF) is a high-resolution technique to separate proteins into groups based on their isoelectric point (pI). Compared to conventional cIEF systems, icIEF provides faster method development, higher detection sensitivity, better reliability, and higher analytical throughput.

CEInfinite instrument empowers dynamic process investigation with whole column imaging detection of icIEF. With the application of a high sensitivity complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) imaging sensor, the scan frequency for the whole separation capillary can be as high as 1000 Hz. The increased scan frequency effectively minimizes imaging blur that occurs at a lower scan frequency. With high sensitivity CMOS imaging sensor and powerful deep UV LED light source, our product is capable of increasing scan rate over 100-fold compared to any other icIEF systems and allows for dynamic processes investigation.


Breakthrough high sensitivity imaging cIEF with 200 µm ID imaging cartridge (Compared to that of 100 µm ID one, the sensitivity improvement 100% with the same sample.)


CEInfinite system has superior resolution and reproducibility to accelerate your biologics development and protein characterizations.

21 CFR Part 11 compliant software

Brand new CEInsight software fully controls the CEInfinite icIEF system with a user friendly GUI. The CFR control and quantitation software provides reliable operation control, highly efficient data processing, and FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.