With our ISO:9001 certification, AES is proud to offer a comprehensive range of critical consumables, including proprietary cartridges, ampholytes, pI markers, electrolytes, and general solutions and consumables. In particular, we are pleased to supply high-quality 0.5% and 1% Methyl Cellulose (MC) solutions for icIEF analysis. Our MC solutions are fast, long-lasting, and compatible with all icIEF platforms, with guaranteed icIEF consistency and smooth method transfer.

The most complete CAs for cIEF on the market

AES CAs product line AESlyte®:

High resolution(HR) series:

For mAbs, ADCs, etc

Super High resolution(SH) series:

For mAbs, ADCs, etc

Ultra High resolution (UH) series:

For fusion Proteins and other complicated proteins

AES specialized icIEF expertise into a proven strategy for generating and maintaining high-quality critical reagents. Our expertise includes reagent qualification, commercial
kit bridging, initial reagent generation, and resupply cycles.

We offer critical reagent lifecycle management services in support of both non-regulated and regulated studies, and depending on your project or your need, we can provide either a Record of Analysis (RoA) or Certificate of Analysis (CoA). Through proactive reagent management, we ensure the quality of critical reagents is appropriate and consistent
for their intended use throughout all stages of the drug development process.

Detection of a Functionally Deficient AAT Protein Variant by Protease Inhibitor (PI) Typing

The a1-Antitrypsin (AAT) deficiency (AAT) mutant protein is a hot in-clinic test relating to the staging and classification diagnosis of important human liver and lung diseases. IEF, is the biochemical gold standard test for establishing the diagnosis of AATD. We supply a high-performance key reagent (pH 4.2-4.9 carrier ampholytes) to be an alternative to Servalyte 4.2-4.9 in the market.

Critical Reagent Service

AES is the only vendor to work with you

Conventional CAs for IEF have limitations for cIEF
AES unique CAs for cIEF
Conventional: Difficult method development for challenging molecules
AES : For mAbs, ADCs and for fusion proteins etc
Conventional: Inconsistent lot-to-lot performance of CAs
AES : Superior lot to lot consistency, QC with customers’ sample and customers’ criteria
Conventional: Difficult to implement and time consuming to utilize as product quality control method
AES : Help customer to accelerate method R&D
Conventional: Interaction with proteins causes irreproducible focusing pattern
AES : Customized CAs for specific molecule

pI Markers

IEF reference standard pI markers are essential for the calibration of the isoelectric
point (pI) of proteins in cIEF.

AES has developed the most comprehensive pI markers in the world. These pI markers are ready to dilute 100 times into a sample and carrier ampholytes mixture for protein pI calibration, confirmation of pH gradient linearity, and cIEF process control. To facilitate accurate and reproducible pI calibration, at least one CEInfinite pI marker is provided within each 0.5 pH unit. Small peptide pI markers may be degraded in the presence of an enzyme, which interrupts protein assays.

AES provides a selection of pI markers from p 2.85 to 10.45 that resist to enzyme
digestion. CEInfinite pI markers are provided in a variety of package sizes and
have long shelf lives, which make it easy for you to reduce potential waste and save your restocking time.


High-Sensitive, High-Performance Imaging cIEF Cartridges for multi-purposes

Proprietary separation column modification with hydrophobic fluorocarbon or hydrophilic coating selections.

WCID-icIEF cartridges for easy direct coupling to a Mass Spectrometer. The world’s only WCID-icIEF cartridges for preparative cIEF.

The sensitivity improvement of 200 μm id WCID cartridges is 100% over those of 100 μm id with lower resistance for sample injection, and less clogging.

Coatings Properties
FC – Fluorocarbon based capillary coating (coating thickness 0.1 µm). Highly reliable popular cIEF coating
Suitable for pH 2-11
PA – Polyacrylamide based capillary coating (molecular layer coating). No methyl cellulose additive necessary
Popular cIEF coating
AD – Acrylamide derivative capillary coating (molecular layer coating) Highly reliable
More stable than PA
No methyl cellulose additive necessary
Specially developed for preparative icIEF can be coupled directly to ESI-MS