General Solutions

At AES, quality is at the core of everything we do. Our ISO:9001-accredited system, combined with our meticulous attention to detail, ensures that we deliver the highest quality products at a price that fits our customers’ budgets. Our rigorous quality standards demonstrate our unwavering commitment to meeting customer and regulatory requirements, and our quality management system is constantly evolving to drive continuous improvement.

With our ISO:9001 accredited, AES can provide a long-term supply of high-quality reagents in icIEF:

  • 1.0% and 0.5% Methyl Cellulose (MC) solutions;
  •  icIEF-related reagents and kits (electrolytes, Hemo suitability kits, etc).

We promise to provide the highest standard reagents to customers:

  • Strict quality control guideline under ISO9001 standard, guaranteeing icIEF super consistency, fast method development and smoothly method transfer;
  • Diverse of reagent catalogs to satisfy customers’ widest application based on regulation standards;
  • Compatible with all icIEF and cIEF platforms;
  • Capability of long-term, prompt, and large batch supply with long shelf lives;
  • Realtime supply for any urgent request;
  • Wide use and recognition by the biopharma industry.

General Solution Product List

Product NumberProduct NameUnitAvailabilityProduct InsertMSDSLog in/Register
101000IEF Solution (4%, pH3-10)25 mLIn stock Request Request
101001Hemoglobin Stock Solution100 µLIn stock Request Request
101002Condition Solution(0.35%MC+4M Urea)5 mLIn stock Request Request
1010031% Methyl Cellulose Solution100 mL In stock Request Request
10100410mM Arginine Solution25 mLIn stock Request Request
1010050.5% Methyl Cellulose Solution100 mL In stock Request Request
1010990.35% Methyl Cellulose Solution100 mLIn stock Request Request
101006Lyophilized Urea5 VialsIn stock Request Request
101007Anolyte100 mLIn stock Request Request
101008Catholyte100 mLIn stock Request Request
10100910mM Iminodiacetic Acid Solution25 mLIn stock Request Request
101010Electrolyte (Anolyte, Catholyte)100 mL x 2In stock Request Request
101012IEF Solution (8%, pH3-10)25 mLIn stock Request Request
101051cIEF Suitability Mixture250 µLIn stock Request Request
102051Fractionation Suitability Test KitKitIn stock Request Request
102001icIEF Fractionation Extraction (FE) Solution5 mLIn stock Request Request
201051icIEF/CEInfinite System Suitability KitKitIn stockDownload Request
201052icIEF/CEInfinite Chemical Test KitKitIn stockDownloadRequest
100051icIEF/CEInfinite Analytical System Test KitKitIn stockDownload Request
100052icIEF/CEInfinite Fractionation System Test KitKitIn stockDownload Request

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